18 Nov Open Position : One-year research assistant position

Mission : A 1-year research assistant position (« assistant ingénieur ») is available in our group. The research assistant will perform experiments of molecular biology on Drosophila flies. He/she will be in charge of dissecting Drosophila tissues for experiments of functional genomics. Notably, he/she will extract material from dissected samples and prepare libraries for high throughput sequencing (“ChIP-seq” and “RNA-seq”). His/her duties will include taking care of the Drosophila stocks with which the experiments will be performed.


– Dissect Drosophila tissues.
– Extract material from biological samples (chromatin, DNA, RNA).
– Prepare libraries for high throughput sequencing.
– Maintain Drosophila stocks.
– Gather results and present them during lab meetings.
– Write a lab-book and keep it up to date.


Required skills:

– Manipulation of Drosophila flies, or will to learn how to handle them.
– Being able to adapt to new techniques.
– Meticulous and rigorous.
– Has a good knowledge of basic molecular biology techniques (notably nucleic acid extraction).
– Read (and preferably speak) scientific English.
– Familiar with office software applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email).
– Comfortable with team work


Contacts :

Send a CV and a motivation letter to :